UH vs. Duarte Part ? (I have lost count)

Well, if the shoe fits …!


meh, u can call him a cranky boomer, who cares…i like Duarte and Dana, but they’re both snowflakes LMAO…time for a new beat writer

Can I be there when you call Holgy a Snow Flake to his face…Oh please, can I be there please!!


just because i think he’s a snow_flake doesn’t mean i have to say it to his face, relax lolol…i like him, just calling it like it is

Are you sure you are calling as it is, or are you just calling it as you perceive it? The two are not necessarily harmonious.


Maybe I don’t understand what a snow flake is to you !!

So as to be up on current meanings, I looked it up and here is what I got:

Snow flake is a 2010s derogatory slang term for a person, implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or are overly-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions.

BTW, I had to separate snow and flake in order to post it since it is a banned word.


Geez Hotel, you need to come into the 21st century. Organizations have gone more and more flat in structure and communications. You are really dating yourself.

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By that definition, I don’t think there are many FBS head coaches who are not snow flakes. A certain one who went to Austin fits that perfectly. The only ones I can think of who don’t fit it are the bad coaches, lol.


based on that definition, sounds like half of this thread LMAO…anywayz, we need a new beat writer with the Chron, Dana is here to stay


If an university’s athletics beat writer is hostile towards the program, isn’t respected nor read by the fan base, isn’t liked by the head coach, and the administration is irritated by a hostile article that embarrased the university but wasn’t accurate, yea, I would say a change should be in the works.


He doesn’t work for the University?? :roll_eyes:

In my experience it is editors and publishers who decide who works for a newspaper.

It is also not the “fan base” it is the “reader base”

Who actually buys the Chronicle. The Chronicle knows if they have UH readers or UT readers.

Then again what do I know. I am the moronic guy.

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I would think our opponents in football would
want assurances as well that we “are doing the right
thing” . Just as we should want the same data from them. Trust but verify.
You achieve that by supplying real non PII data , and not just giving your word saying we are “good”.
Hiding behind legal maneuvers to conceal your
actions just looks bad. Especially when other FBS
programs in your state are supplying requested data.

Been told they are sharing info with those who need to know…opponents, conference, and others that need to know. Guessing the chronicle is not on that list And probably wont be the first to know if they do decide to go public.


They are sharing that info with those that need to know. To say that the university is denying anyone of info is not true. They will have to report that info when needed to those that are required to access it.


It’s pretty obvious Duarte has frayed his relationship with Dana quite some time ago and the June article was the tip of the iceberg which also frayed his relationship well into the AD and up through the administration. That situation is not good for Duarte’s current role with the paper covering UH. If he thinks otherwise, he could be in for a rude awakening. That fork in the road is probalby on the horizon. He can either move on to something else, or he’ll have to repair his relationship someway, somehow at the university.

The counter article by John Granato in late June didn’t come out of nowhere. It was telling.

It is also pretty obvious that the university is going to be pretty careful on what they release or provide going forward on the COVID front. After what happened in June, it would be a pretty common response.


Well, I get the last part.

It’s because what happened in June they should
be forth coming. Hiding from all media because someone wrote an opinionated over the top article
about you is childish tit for tat stuff. Participating ticket buyers have a right to know.

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Is that you Duarte? Please stop with it makes us look bad stuff. We could give it to him and it would be something else. This is an area where we are complying and doing what we need to do. The June article was an attack on the school and administration. Yes, an attack. You don’t help people that attack you and question whether you care about your students.


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