UH vs techtards score prediction

I don’t get the pun.

I think he is alluding to their mascot, who is named “Rowdy”.

Coogs 38 Raider Rash 30

UH could use a big power back to complement the other backs. Especially on goal line situations.

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UH 20
TT 19
I worry about our running game.


Ahhh… thanks

UH 34-31 TT

Texas Tech - some points
UH - more points than Texas Tech

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Lubbock 31

We have one—Kelan Walker. He’s #4 on the depth chart and has trouble seeing the field.

Techtard definition needs an update; UH is harder to get into than Tech, they are hovering around diploma mill territory.


This wreaks of insecurity and jealousy. No need to put down others to make yourself feel better. We (UH) have plenty of reasons to be proud in our university. You sound like every fan of every school that called us Cougar High for years.


UH 38 TT 28

Missouri City will never be Sugarland.

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Is Missouri City trying to be Sugarland? As a Missouri City resident, color me surprised.

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Several times I saw our running back run into the back of one of our offensive linemen.

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I noticed that too. If we saw it then the coaches definitely saw it and will be working on it this week.

UH 17
TTech 28

Hoping that score is reversed, but they’ve had our number lately.


If this game was at home vs their back up QB, UH would win no doubt! But that ugly desert sand blowing around the field is tricky!

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Coogs 24
Tortllla Tossers 21

Defense comes to play.