UH was about to be passed on Again



Sorry, but this deserved its own Thread. Alarming stuff to Read but BIG12 was ready to move frwd w only 3 teams-- UCF, BYU, UC , until Tilman stepped in by making some ph calls to high ranking political figures. Takes away little of the gusto but in the story the comments come straight from AD Pez, TF, initially it was only 3 and Tilman made stronger push for UH. Hopefully this doesn’t raise issues down the line but alarming to Read. And know it’s Not the Chronicle doing its negative talk towards UH, comments from Friday nite come straight from Mr TF himself. Move frwd I guess. Whew.


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It sounds like Tilman blowing smoke so people forget how he insulted everyone in the last go round.

I would have believed it until the ‘B12 was prepared to move on just 3 teams’ schtick. That would be just stupid.


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This are the little tricks the Comical does to seed toxicity in our program.

First it was “too much Tilman.”

Then its “barely enough Tilman.”

And as far as using Pez as a source, what is he supposed to say!?!??
That we could have gotten in without Tilman???


If that’s what it took to go P5, so be it then.


It’s only toxicity if you let it bother you. Personally I don’t care if the article included a video of TF giving handies while the vote was going on. We got it in, do you know who cares about how a team got in? The schools that didn’t get in. We did know we’ve been doing that for almost 30 years now.

This how you treat a story like this at this point, and the folks who point to it for some sort of point.

Politics kept us out in 1996, politics opened the door and sealed the deal in 2021.

We have an opportunity now to become the Texas political influencer in the Big12 with A&M and UT out of the conference.


we learned our lesson by being left out before, this time we were ready to flex some political muscle……


I agree. Especially if TTech leaves in a few years like most expect. We’d pretty much have all the influence in the conference.


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Lol. Tech is going nowhere. They fit the PAC like fish in the desert.

Wow. What can I say? Thank you, Mr. Fertitta!

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You can think that. The only reason they and Ok St aren’t gone right now is because of the money they would lose. That’s really my only issue with this conference is I don’t think it’s stable, but by the time 2025 comes around it may be more stable than the Pac 12. Part of that plan for TT is them announcing a 25 year contract with Texas to play a home and home, which will probably come out in the next week or so. Their plan is to be west in four years.

Are you saying TT and OSU just passed on a chance to go to the Pac because of exit fees?

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The running back bounced off of Hall and lost yards

Lol. The only reason they aren’t gone right now is the PAC and affiliate schools didn’t want them.

Who gives a ______ what “their plan is?”

Its the PAC’s plan that matters and there is NOTHING sourced anywhere to indicate they are interested in them.

Their plan??? Lolololol
My plan is to be in the Bahamas with Scarlett Johansen drinking fruity drinks on 57’s expense account.


The PAC12 will not be doing anything until Kliavkoff and the school presidents all get on the same page. When or if that occurs, not even God knows.

Yeah, it might have been believable if it had said ‘The Big 12 was prepared to move forward with Memphis as it’s 4th school’ but saying it was going to stand at 3 is just mind numbingly stupid.