UHAA Ft. Bend Thirsty Thursday Jan. 19th @Chuy's

UHAA Ft. Bend Thirsty Thursdays are usually the 3rd Thu., Aug-May, 5:30-7:30 PM

All are welcome.

I’ll post UHAA Ft. Bend THIRSTY THURSDAY events in this thread, latest info at bottom.

2022 Kickoff UHAA Fort Bend Thirsty Thursday is at 5:30 August 18th at Chuy’s near Hwy. 6 & Hwy. 90

Chuy’s — 320 Hwy. 6, Sugar Land, TX 77478 — Google Maps

UHAA at Chuy’s last year

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We need something like this in Kingwood but I have a feeling there are not to many coogs up here. Looks like a awesome time.

My 2 cents — just start one…

Post it here on Coogfans & on FB — get the word out & they will come…

Ask UHAA for help, they help us.

If you know a go-getter, task them with finding a restaurant that’ll give you a room and a few hors d’oeuvres plates to help attract a crowd of hungry, thirsty Coogfans. We were at Pappasito’s at Sugar Creek Blvd. for many years when alum Terry Mitchell(?) managed it. Awesome times & so close I could crawl home. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We get speakers from UH — here’s Carl Lewis in 2019. I’m on chair in back next to him

And here’s CKS rallying the fans four years ago in August —

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I have tried twice. The last time was Dana’s first year here, the year King redshirted. I posted here and FB then another lady who was doing the same thing contacted me and said she already had one planned out and that we should join. So we did and I directed anyone who contacted me to her posts. The event drew at least 20 folks but I felt the way the venue was picked it didn’t allow for folks to mingle and meet each other, we were placed at a long table in the middle of the restaurant, and so when folks got there they ended up sitting next to people they already came with or knew. You could not get up and go meet some else b/c you are in the middle of the damn restaurant. When we first got there the restaurant had a bar area that looked like a separate room and was completely empty it was a bar with a bunch of round tables clustered together. Me and my brother in law showed up early and went there for drinks as some of the folks came in they naturally congregated there and we pretty soon had a nice group circle of coogs taking about the season. With 20 folks we would have taken over that little room and then it would of rocked but she insisted we move everyone to a table and start ordering our food. After that first event there was no consistency and the thing just faded away. When setting something like this up there needs to be a core group that always shows up and the event has to have a regular schedule in order to grow.

It bugs me b/c that was a lost opportunity but I did come out with a good friend, who does visits coogfans, that I attend most games with and take road trips with. Most recently the NCAA basketball tourny in San Antonio.

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Good turnout on a rainy night

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October’22 Thirsty Thursday!

Fellow Coogs — join us Thursday October 20th at 5:30 at Los Gallitos, 1230 Murphy Road S of SW Fwy.

There will be complementary chips and salsa. Go Coogs!

Is there a guest speaker?

I’ll ask & reply with any info

No speaker this month…


Sorry, not to divert the convo, but does UHAA help organize the events? I’m still trying to find anything in SoCal, but there’s nada.

Yes, UHAA helps out but UHAA Ft. Bend alum volunteers are most of the effort.

I would reach out to UHAA offices for suggestions on what format(s) they think would work best in your part of LA & I think UHAA’s Taylor Rouleau would be the person to start with UHAA Team - UH Alumni

I’d guess that when UHAA travels or we have teams out there, like track, you may be able to snag a guest speaker.

I think after you find a format & venue you like, the biggest thing is promotion: FB, Insta, etc. — that’s why I post here.

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Understood. I appreciate the walkthrough. I’m not in a position to build something out here, but if we decide to stay here, long term, it could be a project.

Spoke with Taylor Rouleau at tonight’s Happy Hour.

He said Beth Borck is contact for LA and that Orange Co. is one of the areas of focus

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Thanks Steve!

I think Pede fired her a few days ago. Bad move.

Happy New Year UH Ft Bend Coogs!

Join us for our first THIRSTY THURSDAY of 2023, JANUARY 19th, 5:30 to 7:30 PM at Chuys, 320 Highway 6, Sugar Land, TX 77478.

Chuys will provide a round of appetizers for us. Additional appetizer plates and drinks are the responsibility of each individual. The food is delicious, so if you order dinner, please tip well as Chuy’s does NOT charge us for use of their room.

We will discuss plans for the 27th annual golf tournament on March 6. Flyers will be available for you to distribute. An immediate need are contributions of liquor or wine to the “Barrow of Fun”. Please feel free to bring contributions with you on this date. We will also discuss tailgating last year and need all feedback to help us determine how to proceed.

Look forward to seeing you on the 19th.