UH's defense bracing for stiff test against Army's triple option

For UH to be successful, it will need to stop Army’s interior run game and force plays to the perimeter.

“(The interior run game) is their bread and butter,” Carrel said. “That’s their toughness, and their offensive line is really good.”

That means UH’s linebackers will have a starring role come Saturday.

“I feel like everybody likes a challenge because we all have a different job,” Egbule said. “But when it comes down to it the back end, the linebackers have to make plays. The linebackers have to set the tone.”


Coogs defensive backs will need to shake their blocks and protect the edges in order to win this bowl.


I think Robinson is going to have a stellar game. He has been solid all year but for some reason I think he’s going to have a really big going away party. Deep down inside I hope my gut is right and I’m not jinxing him, but I see him easily going for double digit tackles and having a key role in a turnover whether it is a forced fumble or a pick on a trick pass play.


I think Army is going to have no trouble running all over us, hope i’m wrong.

He was a monster against Navy. But that was with a line that consumed blocks leaving him as a free rusher.


Agree. I know Logan Hall is going to show up tomorrow, the question is what will his supporting cast do.

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I am just happy that coach is off the field/suite. Hopefully, the interim has a more aggressive approach.

We have zero chance of stopping Army. Our defense is terrible. It was terrible with the kids sitting out and can only be much worse without them. Army will keep the ball, wear our kids down and make this another embarrassing bowl loss. CMA goes 0-3 in bowls.