UH's Greg Ward Jr. building case as viable wide receiver option in NFL

Not really a combine article, more about Ward and his journey

_“I’m completely confident about playing receiver,” Ward said Friday at the Indiana Convention Center. "I’m an athlete. The transition won’t be too much for me. Coming from quarterback I understand coverages, holes in defenses, how to get open, how to sit down in a zone and make myself a target. I can bring my knowledge at quarterback over to receiver. I believe it will be a smooth transition.

“I see the game differently. I see it as a quarterback and as a wide receiver. I can run after the catch. I can play this position. I don’t know if people think I can run routes or catch the ball, but I know what I can do.”_

Any idea when he works out at the Combine?

He only competed in the push up challenge. An ankle injury prevented him from anything else. Will workout at UH Pro Day