UH's Greg Ward Jr. not fazed by Heisman hype

UH’s Greg Ward Jr. not fazed by Heisman hype


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Like how Ward’s not fazed by it. If we play to our potential, he might be able to raise an even bigger trophy.

Gracias. He’s smart to not be fazed by it. If Case wasn’t even a finalist in 2011, I don’t like Greg’s chances no matter what happens this year. I certainly like the thought of that bigger trophy more so than a Heisman. I’m stoked to see what strides we can make in the passing game this year. Last year was nothing to scoff at, but if Greg has improved any with his deep ball, he has the chance to put up some seriously ridiculous numbers this year. With his running threat, safeties have to keep their eyes in the back field, which should open up the deep ball a little more. With more speed at wideout than we had last year, I would love to see us go over the top more than last year, just like we did with Case and that group of blazing fast receivers in 2011. Whatever happens, I think this is going to be a fun year.

Along with Ward’s flashy passing and rushing totals, another key statistic stands out: He’s 19-2 as a starter, the best winning percentage by a quarterback in UH history. The lone loss during UH’s 13-1 season in 2015 came with Ward on the sideline at Connecticut with an ankle injury.

Amazing stat considering the situation he was in prior to last year.

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Apples and Oranges. When Case Keenum was trying to win it, Keenum wasn’t getting any early publicity and wasn’t coming off a Bowl 6 victory over Florida St.

Due respect to Keenum 's teams, they didn’t have nearly as much talent around him as Ward does; making his job easier.

One of us has not had coffee this morning. Are you saying ward has better receivers than case? Case had a much better set of receivers!

Debatable. Other positions are a lot stronger. Particular the dline and oline.

Maybe who cares- the future is today-

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