UH's sugardaddy is a conservative

Now that I have educated you. How in the world can democrats pollute Fertitta Center anymore? If you people even go. I am sure dems think Fertitta’s money is icky.

I can’t imagine that anyone here didn’t know about Tillman’s political preferences. This is such a weak effort to troll.


Well, wasn’t a troll. I really do assume democrats get all their news from facebook and tiktok.


I mean millions of you people supposedly voted for this guy. Would you even let him be around YOUR kids? Do you see where I’m coming from that democrats aren’t intelligent or moral people? I don’t think that democrat leaders give a crap about poor black people, trans, gay people, or immigrants but democrat voters buy into it. Would you let this creepy dude around your wife? So just figure the typical lefty gets their info from tiktok, google, instagram, and sesame street (NPR).

Flagged for trolling.

You really are bad at this, troll.

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Why does this troll post mainly in the middle of the night? Hmmm…

Because he may be near legoland

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Nope wrong one.