UIW preps to open medical school

UIW preps to open medical school
Road for campus to open; officials reviewing student applications

Sorry, that link above may be a subscription link, but I can never tell with the SA express as I have a subsciption with them. If it is, here’s the Google Search link that may work since the Express News is owned by the Chronicle: https://www.google.com/search?q=UIW+preps+to+open+medical+school

Thought this was an interesting article because of UH’s own foray into opening a medical school. The University of the Incarnate Word is a private school and can do basically what they want, but they do mention in the article about trying to establish residencies which is something the Higher Education Board is concerned about. UIW also seems to be focusing on Primary Care Managers which is what UH is also planning to focus on with their medical school. There’s no mention of UH in this article:

Legislators worry that taxpayer money spent on educating medical students — more than $30 million annually — is being wasted, as Texas graduates settle down in other states.

Last session, under Senate Bill 18, the Legislature budgeted $54 million for primary care residencies, which is expected to more than double the amount of residency positions in the state by 2018.

The end goal is to provide 1.1 residency slots for every one medical school graduate, which means that Texas would be able to train its own students as well as import medical students from other states for its residency programs.

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