Ukraine getting their licks in


That’s some impressive anti tank and anti air weapons
on display.

Looks like Russians are really good at bombing and shelling civilian targets but not so much against the Ukrainian military.

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You guys do realize that its from a video game, right?


No, which one? Can you supply some backup to that claim?

I have no clue and really not into playing video games.
I take it for what the OP said, until someone can show
otherwise. A link showing source would’ve been nice; for both of you. Thanks.

nice arma 3 footage

Most compelling evidence is the video game soldier firing the javelin in the video:

Also the polygonal rocks from the end of the video:

Not pointing this out to make fun or shame, just to show how stuff like this can be falsely presented online as fact. It is getting increasingly hard to tell, especially if you not played modern video games.


Thanks; fooled me :slight_smile:

Now does anyone have real footage from Ukraine of
stingers and javelins in action ?

I never played video gams, never saw the point. I do play Words With Friends, Wordle, and Wordscape to compete with my bride and a couple of friends.

My bride and grandkids play video games like Mario and Flash Bandicoot.

You’re good, Mike!

lots of videos on OSINT twitter

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Mike, you should try Kryss…… wife got me started on it….we have about 20 active games at all times.

lol, somehow, never admitted they were wrong.

Looks like the Italians are getting into the fray.


I don’t care if it is real or not, I’d like to think it’s real to make me have a better peace of mind. However, I have seen real news footage of destroyed Russian tanks and other equipment.

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You don’t care if its real or not, but when I pointed it out to you earlier, you had the audacity to tell me to show proof that it was fake? Sure, bro, you don’t care. But I’m also sure that if I was wrong you’d care. Typical of your responses.

Norb, chill guy. Let me be more clear; I do care that it is real because I don’t like to post things that are incorrect. I was given reasonable proof that it is fake. I got that. I wish it were real and would like to think it real because it would make me feel better about the situation. Capiche?

I just wish I would not get sent things that aren’t real and appear to be so.


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