Moves one step closer to World Cup.



This is one of the most informative and insightful articles I’ve read about the role of our special forces in the Ukraine. When I read stuff like this I can’t help but think of Eric (Derek’s twin). I know Twinmom does too. I hope he is staying out of harm’s way.

Ukrainian Special-Ops Forces Double in Size While Training With US

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To me, Finland’s Mr. Timo looks like a bad azz…

Finland is a good addition for several reasons:

  1. we know from the 1940 Winter War, that no other country is more adept at either a) fighting on the snow and ice, and b) bloodying Russia’s nose, AND

  2. they are a country that already meets/exceeds the NATO threshold of 2% or more of GDP to defense; something that CANNOT be said of many NATO members.

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speaking of Finns…who here agrees that their PM is HOTTTTT!!!


Yes, she is quite attractive. Though, 97, not sure you’d agree with her politics. :wink:

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