Ultimate insult to the fallen heroes

biden blames POTUS Trump for his tragic and disastrous Afghanistan exit. I can’t remember of such a low despicable personal insult to the fallen.
To this day we know the following:
Our own snipers had the terrorist in sight to kill him but his superiors told them to not act.
Human remains were on our transport planes landing in free zones.
Many of the 13 fallen heroes did not even get a personal phone call from biden.

This is biden at the tarmac with the fallen heroes coming back:

When you thought you had seen the ultimate biden insults now you have this.

Yes to this day no one, not one official, not one military official has lost their job.


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Trump may not be to blame for the mechanics of the withdrawal, but he is to blame for negotiating with terrorists, surrendering to them, throwing Afghanistan’s democratically elected government under the bus, and in doing so, setting up all the conditions that led to our ultimate defeat.


I don’t know if that is an insult or the ultimate insult. However Biden needs to take ultimate responsibility here.

I also believe Trump shares in some of the responsibility, as much of the plan was put in place under Trump. I don’t know that the result would have been any different under Trump.


Shame on you as someone that has served in Afghanistan to try to blame Trump. It speaks volume about your character and who you are ryon. Your brothers in arms would be ashamed to read your comments.
Instead you should be ashamed on what biden, milley, kirby are.

And you complain about insults? Disgusting dude.


You’re not denying that Trump did all of the things that I described above, are you?

There’s no “shame” in pointing out that out.

The only shame is in you denying those facts. It speaks volumes as to who you are.


Disgusting to put blame on Trump. POTUS Trump had nothing to do with 13 fallen heroes that died because of biden and the so called officers that told our snipers to stand down.

Disgusting is you and and your comments above. You should apologize.

You’re a hypocrite man.


I agree. Also, @uhlaw97 thank you for your service.


To this day you never asked for the following:
Demand than milley resign
Demand that the officers resign for not telling our snipers to take down the terrorist.
I can even describe what your comments means to my friends in the armed forces that have served in Irak and Afghanistan.

Hear, hear!

And unlike others, he can can answer the “WERE YOU THERE?” question with a yes.


ryon was not the only one there. Don’t give me that lame excuse for his despicable comments.
ryon should be outraged by kirby’s press conference. The fact that ryon did not say so again speaks volume of his character.
Every service member that i talked to yesterday that has served in Irak and Afghanistan is deeply insulted by biden/milley/kirby’s report.

Get this friends:
The press core had 10 minutes to review the findings before kirby’ press conference. The knew how false and despicable their report is. Shameful does not describe it.


And you’re the one that uses that question. I’m making fun of you if you didn’t notice.

And your comments about Law are disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.


So wonderful of you to tell a man who served our country just how he should think and feel.


ryon had a choice. He choose to blame Trump. Disgusting does not describe it and yes if I could I would tell him face to face.
This report is going to have an impact on our armed forces.

So Chris, do you deny that Trump did all of that?

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What report are you talking about?

Ryon blames Trump and Biden both for their respective failures.


Are you denying that Trump did any of the things I mentioned above?

Trump did them ya know!

And they did indeed lead to our defeat.

Sorry if the truth hurts.



You have a choice to stop being a hypocrite.

No you wouldn’t.

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