Undefeated if…

If we didn’t lose to Texas Tech, Kansas, Tulane, SMU and Tulsa. Man these teams aren’t that good except for Tulane.


I would argue that Tech, Kansas and Tulane are good teams. With that said, we had the talent to beat them all and should of lost only 1-2 games max. We should not be losing to the private AAC trifecta of Tulane, Tulsa and SMU. Very disappointing end to the season.


Is there anyone on here that thinks it wasn’t the coaching that cost us these games?

We were ranked coming into the season, preseason NY6 favorite, had a senior QB, a 4 year rebuild worth of players, and the most expensive coaching staff UH has ever had.

Leadership + Coaching was the one thing we didn’t have.


An answer we will never know:

Would UH have beaten Kansas this year if it hadn’t rained?

Hurts that three of them were home games, and three were against teams that we have distinct recruiting advantages over.

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If my Aunt had balls she’d be my Uncle.


In todays world she can!


I have went back and forth on CDH and the coaching overall but Tulsa was sobering. I certainly wanted to think we improved but that was a huge setback. The lack of fan support, discipline and poor execution has me very concerned heading into the Big 12.

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Kansas beat us, the rest we gave away

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Tech - 4th and 20
Kansas - Flat out beat us
Tulane - I don’t get it
SMU - 77 points
Tulsa - fire Belk


I agree with the first and SMU, but the last one is silly. Belk did not put up a Zero in a whole half of football. Asking any D to keep a team scoreless for an entire half is asking a lot.

Heck, our D scored 7 points for us!

Ultimately, our biggest issue is lack of talent. Now, whether that is due to lack of development or merely lack of ability will be hard to tell until 2-3 seasons from now (assuming any of those players are still around by then). If some new guy comes in next season and the team turns it around, then we will know the answer.

Based on what I saw this season, our guys were just slower, smaller and less athletic than our opponents, especially on the edges.

“Leadership + Coaching was the one thing we didn’t have.” Freakin DUH!

We should have beaten tech and Tulane and Tulsa was a dud and we should have.

So that’s 3 wins there.

Smu, Kansas beat us

So Dana is this close to 10 and 2

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Yet…we are sticking with CDH…correct?

IMO I think we were as good as Tulane, just got out coached and outplayed…by a 3rd string QB no less.

Would we have gone undefeated if we had not lost our best players to injury?

…we didn’t go 8-4.

What happened, happened.

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Kansas sux!!!

When the cost of keeping him is greater than the cost of getting rid of him, there will be a change. By that time we could very well be the laughingstock of the Big 12.

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We go undefeated if we didn’t suck so much