Unequal Revenue Sharing

The day will come when college athletic programs will be paid on the basis of their value. College athletics has become a business. Good business sense dictates that all products are not equal in value. Is the value of the viewing rights of schools like Baylor, Tulane, Kansas State etc. equal to the value of Ohio State, Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, etc.? I think not.
Eventually, maybe sooner than expected, if not already, individual schools will recognize their value as compared to conference mates and start shopping their products as individuals.
Think about it! With greed as just one motive, a school like Oklahoma is not always going to be happy sharing equal revenue, say 30 million each, with a school like TCU, when a more realistic break down based on value might be more like 45 million to 15 million.
I’m not sure how this will transcend, but when it does conference affiliation will be much less of an issue.
A blessing might be, that it would cause a transformation back to regional conferences.

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The professional sports came to the conclusion that there had to be some equality in revenue in order to have “competition” among the various teams. Before they came to this realization, New York dominated the baseball world for many years, and fans were eventually turned off. Same would happen in college sports if a few of the teams spent way more money than did their competition. Once the lions began to eat the Christians, the games would no longer offer any reasonable challenge of win/loss and the fans would be turned off. Just MHO . . . . .


We’re already seeing that to a degree with the Money conferences and everyone else.


I doubt Alabama, Texas, Ohio State etc care about “equality”. These schools are about enter into an arms race of player compensation. This will require them to retain ad much of their revenue potential as possible which will require unequal revenue sharing with their conference mates. The gap between the have and have nots is about to get massive!

Best thing that could happen to us, we are worth way more than many P5 schools, Iowa St., Vanderbilt, Baylor, Oregon St., Maryland, Syracuse, Boston College. These schools hang on by the better schools in the conference. If it was pay what you are worth, and the NCAA tournament you go to or the NY6 Bowls you play in or the College World Series or Track Championship. They used to do a points for each school based on record in each sport, Stanford usually wins.

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I agree. Haven’t put a pencil to it, nor researched it but I think Houston would be in the top 65-70 in regards to value. That puts us in a pretty good place.

“…but I think Houston would be in the top 65-70 in regards to value.”

More like the top 30-45.

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After reviewing the P5 conferences I definitely believe Houston to be somewhere within the top 45.

Life aint fair…Go Coogs…