Uniforms for Tech


White helmets - w/ Texas UH decal
Red jersey and pants
White gloves and shoes

I’m already sick of that Texas flag decal.


whaaaaaaat? I like it!

I do hope we have a “throwback uniform” game this year though. I like the old school uni’s


I was wondering if we would try to do a white jersey/red pant combo to force Tech to wear all black in that heat, maybe that doesn’t play as big of a role as I think.


I think the more likely outcome in that scenario is that Tech just wears their red uniforms, and I’d think we’d rather not have that happen for obvious reasons.

Was thinking because of the red pants they wouldn’t be able to do that, but I don’t know the rules with all that. It is always safe when playing a team with the same color to just go the straight red and red like we are doing.

Really, the only hard-and-fast uniform rule (as far as color goes) is that one team has to wear white jerseys. The other uniform parts can be whatever color. And even then, if all involved parties agree, the two teams can wear contrasting color jerseys (which we really, really should have let Rice do).


Agreed. USC and UCLA do a color-on-color matchup every year and it makes for a very aesthetically pleasing game.

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Honestly, I think teams should go color-on-color whenever possible. If I had my way, it’d be like soccer where the only rule is that the uniforms have to be contrasting.

Im going with last years Red Nike Coaches polo, shorts, my Costa’s and my red and white nike shoes.

I got white shoes, red shorts, red shirt, and white hat. Socks…red or white? Sunglasses, need to find some red on s to match the red face masks.

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That just started that a few years ago after a long hiatus, They had to get NCAA permission to do that and apparently it wasn’t easy.

Not a fan of red pants.

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Per the Tech board, they are going all black - lids jerseys pants.

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And telling their fans to dress in all black too.

Not sure if that’s the smartest thing in Houston in the middle of the day when it’s in the 90’s with 10000000000% humidity. Pero no ese mi problema!


God, I hope so. Though if they do, I’m going to be more disappointed than I already am that we didn’t go with a monochrome look, be it red or white.


Hate the white helmets…HATE them. wear red helmets!! I presume if we wear white hemets, we will be red on red home attire?
I doubt Tech wears black jerseys,they are the road team…likely black pants, white jerseys with black numbers, and black helmets…That is their typical black attire for a road game…i cannot see them wearing all back, That is a home uniform.

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I think Tech has confirmed they’re wearing black

AGAIN, that is a HOME uniform…You think we agreed to let them wear all black for OUR home game?
This some TV deal? We wearing home red next year to Lubbock?