Uniforms of the top 25 college football programs, ranked beautiful to hideous


UH 22
BU 25

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Cool…last year’s uniforms. :unamused:

And, is it just me, but the only Oregon uniforms I like are the plain green ones. The rest are largely mundane or overly garish.

LSU’s uniforms just look bad to me now, don’t know why. I thought our uniforms looked better than OU’s out there on the field. I have always been a fan of red and red, wonder what the other combinations will look like out there.

Agreed. LSU’s just look kinda corny in a 60’s kind of way.

Not a big fan of Tennessee either, and most of Oregon’s look like they are auditioning for henchmen in a 90’s Batman movie. And not the good one. The one with George Clooney.

I thought our uniforms looked awesome. I love the double white stripe on the sleeve and down the leg with the white helmet.

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