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We could have had that here.


Do you think any of his teams can’t “get up” for opponents?


Turning down his offer to coach here will haunt us for decades.


Please cite your evidence he offered to take the job here.


No we couldn’t have.

You people that think it was a possibility are delusional.


He never offered

You’re telling me half of Coogfans complaining non stop all off season about not dumping CDH for Sanders were doing all that bellyaching when he had no real interest to come here?

That’s embarrassing.


Remember fan is short for fanatic.


Lol ok I got a chuckle from this.


For all you folks thinking Prime had no interest in UH, he had none because we never expressed any in him…Prime was wide open to being hired by any P5; et al TCU terviewed him and passed on him. No one made another offer until the Buff’s. UH had it’s window but like much of CFB thought Prime was a joke and passed because they had no belief in his ability beyond being a HBCU coach… That’s the facts jack


This is just plain wrong lmao! I honestly laughed at how wrong this take is. I can assure you Tillman would have gotten rid of Dana in a heartbeat if it was a guarantee that Prime would come here.

Despite what alot of delusional fans think Tillman cares far more about winning than loyalty to his “drinking buddy.” And Deion’s style is the kind of style Tillman loves in a coach. But Tillman also didn’t become a billionaire by burning millions on huuge maybes. And there is no guarantee Deion would have chosen us over Colorado by a country mile. At least not enough to risk $21 million dollars. And guys like you would have been the first to complain and call Tillman an idiot for burning $21 million if Deon still chose Colorado over us.

And no most of CFB did not think Deon was as a joke but good job trying to change history.


We could have expressed interest way before CU.offered, that’s the point you and others on this board fail to comprehend.


Here is something you don’t know, to be fair you don’t have the connection I do. But guys like Tillman are constantly interviewing coaches in what I would call very very off the record interviews. Because a smart man like Tillman or any college board of regents will always have backup plans. If X coach cant coach anymore or whatever happens and we need to make a change we target these guys.

I can guarantee Tillman had conversations with Deon. Just talking to the booster I know, Tillman would have had off the record conversations with Deon the moment he thought there might be chance. Why? Because if Holgerson didn’t work out then obviously Deon was the best backup plan. And clearly Deon must not have given Tillman enough confidence to make a move.

So don’t try to lecture me on things I don’t understand.


Since you have connections….do you think this embarrassing loss will have him conducting some “off the cuff” interviews?

I see people say things all of the time like “ Tillman will not get rid of his drinking buddy” or similar things.

I don’t think that is true……with all of the money and investments TF has made I just don’t see him being okay with the constant underperformance of the football time……and to lose to Rice and let all the steam out of our first Big -12 game has to be as maddening to him as it is to the common fan.
I would think his patience has just about run it’s course.


Let me put it this way Tillman is the kind of guy that always has a backup plan. But he won’t play any cards till the season is over. Unlike us he can’t afford to overreact. And there is no reason to fire Dana mid season anyway. Despite what many think there are still way too many variables that have yet to be answered and won’t be till the season is over.

Now just a quick disclaimer, I’ve never met Tillman and have never had a conversation with him. Everything I know about him is very 3rd hand information. And even my booster connection only ever interacts with him in an official capacity they aren’t close friends or anything like that. But he feeds me decent information, and for obvious reasons there are things he can’t share with me. But he has given me enough over the years to get a pretty good read on Tillman.

But to wrap it up, no Tillman doesn’t like failure but he also believes in giving people plenty of opportunities to succeed.


So are you saying that you know for a fact that Tilman talked to prime about the job, and, if he knew prime would’ve taken the job, tilman would have canned Dana and given prime the job?

No, no, I don’t know it for a fact, but I would be extremely surprised if he hadn’t had some kind of serious off the record conversation with him. And based on that if he thought there was, I would say almost a certainty, to the point of a guarantee, enough to risk $21 million, chance he would come here, yes he would have canned Holgerson. Tillman was just as upset about how the season last year went as we we’re don’t get that wrong. And he isn’t foolish he wouldn’t pass up a guaranteed upgrade if he thought it was feasible and warranted.

But obviously there is alot of things that contributed behind the scenes that we don’t know, that made him decide it wasn’t worth risking $21 million. I can think of quite a few but obviously only Tillman would ever know the truth.

It was reported widely by the national media that Deion was deciding between USF & Colorado last year. Maybe the administration wanted to give Dana a year in the Big 12 before ripping off the band aid in a transitional period with his buyout also being lower.

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Right on! Prime would’ve done the same here if the “powers that be” made the call. Tilman doesn’t want to part with his drinking buddy just yet. What a shame.