United offers Travis Hunter and Coach Prime a plane with a hot tub - Denver Sports

Ok ok in my defense he isn’t perfect and I don’t know sh*t about the rockets lol.

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Ha ha well put!

I wanted to fire him after the start of last season. Deion made the most sense considering the roster situation, who he’d bring with him, & the school’s desire to connect to the culture of the city. He’s everything Herman worked for only organic.

Delta is offering Coach Dana a plane too!!!

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So you are what, saying we should have fired Dana after an OT loss to Tech when we were 1-1, completely punted on a college football season following going 12-2, committed to pay a $20 million buyout, all solely for a possibility to compete with other teams to hire Deion in 3 months when his season wrapped up?

That’s not foresight, that’s just fantasy.

Yes. Year 4 of the Dana experience & we had NO recruiting pipeline. No depth going into the next season. The most senior squad in the conference & clear favorite to win it all coming off 12 wins and we barely beat UTSA in the first game. During the TT game, the offense scored ONE touchdown in regulation. What more did you need to see in order to know the program wasn’t going anywhere??

GT fired their coach in Sept, we could’ve done the same. If I’m competing with other places, UH presents itself very well. Stable conference, improving facilities, recent success, recruiting hotbed for high schoolers & great location for transfers, a city with culture & plenty of fishing holes, access to the best medical center in the country to help with his health issues, & most importantly a program not entrenched with tradition or structure that wouldn’t allow him to run the program his way. Immediate starting position for his QB amongst other positions. It was aligned for him to come into this city & take over. Not to mention the ex wife lives here & would have access to all three of her children, including her daughter. I believe this is a very attractive job for candidates. We missed on that one, time to get this next one right.

Lol GT struck out on Fritz and ended up promoting from within and is off to a bad start this year. Not a great example of the advantages of firing early unless you really wanted to see what Belk could do as HC.

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They didn’t get their guy, but it’s not about that. It’s about seeing this current staff isn’t working & moving in another direction. Not making things worse with a million excuses. GT also wasn’t lowering academic standards, makes no sense for WF to leave Tulane for that.