Universities have been told

40m40 minutes ago
BTM/OU contacts:

Multiple Universities have knowledge, been told directly or indirectly, that they will receive invite for Presentations.

Greg Flugaur

47m47 minutes ago
BTM/OU contacts:

B12 Presidents had primary invitation list scoped out before last meeting adjourned.

Greg Flugaur
48m48 minutes ago
BTM/OU contacts:

Formal Presentations begin next week.
Belief Formal Presentations will end no later than 2 weeks.

Is that like kinda but not kinda!

Sounds like prostitutes standing in the doorway soliciting bids from potential customers! Has this ever been done before by any of the other conferences? Not to my knowledge.

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Flugeville is getting his information second hand …

From a B1G contact who has contact somewhere inside the OU admins offices …

He has also been known to waver more than an Olongapo on liberty sailor 3 sheets to the wind.

BESIDES … whatever Texas wants …

Texas … gets …:sunglasses:

At least not in public…

I wonder if it is anything like this… https://youtu.be/FMENQeCbxfI

Wait a minute there Davy…I mean Paw, I was a sailor in Olongapo, 3 sheets to the wind, and I never waivered. I boldly sought that 4th sheet! Then I caught a jitney back to the S___ River bridge. Besides, Rosey loved me. :wink:

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