University of Houston could learn Big 12 decision soon


University of Houston could learn Big 12 decision soon


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mid November?? oh, joy…3 more months of waiting

I think they already know based on what I’m hearing

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What are u hearing and what do they know???

I gotta admit, like a typical Coog, pessimism is starting to take a hold on me, but the fact that Hunter only mentioned B12 and AAC today at the press conference, along with V’s comment above has me growing more optimistic. If the guys on the inside thought it was either still in the air or a no go, seems like Hunter would have dropped ACC and/or PAC in the verbiage.

I’ve heard some of that too.

I’m guessing that as well. I think the schools already know their acceptance status. Negotiations are underway for $$$$$$

I hope we are one of the schools invited.

I’m not going to lie. I just want all this to be over with. In or Out? Yes or No? Starting to sound like a Katy Perry song. lol! Go Coogs!

CoachV has been very reliable with his postings …

Our administrators are under a non-disclosure agreement but they may have let the cat of out of the bag with the recent Hofheinz $20 mil renovations and the new indoor football facility being built.

THIS is purely my own guessing but I suspect the Big12 will go to four not two and they won’t need any court litigations to do so.

I’m with you. While ESPN pumps obscene millions into other conferences they are demanding that the Big 12 stand pat. This is the path that led to the demise of the Big East, ironically one of ESPN’s early partners. The Big 12 better move forward with expansion and bank on Fox wanting in on the action. To me it seems important that they grab 4 of the best of the rest and work to build the conference. Or stand on the platform while the train leaves the station.

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