Unofficial scholarship count

With the traditional NSD tomorrow, I thought I’d take a stab at an unofficial scholarship distribution count. Some have said we have 4 to 5 scholarships to still give out? By my count we’re just about full at 84 (85 is allowed per the NCAA). So I may be off by 5 to 10. I may be accurate. Who knows. This is why it’s fun. I know some of you out there keep count as well, so any corrections would be appreciated. I’ll do this by position, listed in no particular order, and add notes if I’m not sure on someone.

QB: 3 (Lucas Coley, Donovan Smith, Caleb McMickle)

RB: 5 (Alton McCaskill, Brandon Campbell, Stacy Sneed, Parker Jenkins, Re’Shaun Sanford)

WR: 12 (Ja’Kori Morgan, Peyton Sawyer, Joseph Manjack, Samuel Brown, Mathew Golden, CJ Wilson, Jonah Wilson, Ja’Koby Banks, Ja’Ryan Wallace, Stephon Johnson, Joshua Cobbs, Mikal Harrison Pilot) Note: Ja’Kori Morgan isn’t listed on the official roster at, but I haven’t found any news of him transferring out?

TE: 6 (Matt Byrnes, Logan Compton, Bryan Henry, Trent McGaughey, Jett Runion, Mike O’Laughin) Note: Runion could play at DE as well?

OL: 14 (Patrick Paul, Lance Robinson, Tyler Johnson, Reuben Unije, Marcus Jenkins, Cam’Ron Johnson, Jack Freeman, Demetrius Hunter, Chase Todd, Karson Jones, Trevonte Sylvester, Tevin Shaw, Jaylen Garth, Cayden Bowie)

DL: 16 (Chidozie Nwankwo, Jamykal Neal, Amipeleasi Fifita, Latrell Bankston, Jamaree Caldwell, Sedrick Williams, Anthony Holmes Jr., Nelson Ceaser, Garfield Lawrence, Justin Beadles, Zykeius Strong, Nadame Tucker, Justin Benton, Brandon Mack, David Ogwoegbu, Jalen Hunt)

LB: 8 (Malik Robinson, Jalen Garner, Jamal Morris, Trimarcus Cheeks, Treylin Payne, Aaron Willis, Latreveon McCutchin, Ish Harris)

Sec: 16 (Alex Hogan, Abdul-Lateef Audu, Moses Alexander, Justice Ugo, Jalen Emery, Hasaan Hypolite, Antonio Brooks, Garrison Vaughn, Michael Patterson, Jamaal Shaw, Johnsley Barbas, Jayln Sanford, Christopher Pearson, Adari Hauley, Isaiah Hamilton, Brian George)

Special Teams: 4 (Bubba Baxa, Kyle Ramsey, Laine Wilkins, Jack Martin)

So that’s 40 on offense, 40 on defense and 4 on special teams. Ok guys, correct away. I’ll be posting position articles in the coming months pre and post spring ball. Can’t wait to get our schedule later today and start breaking down depth charts soon! #GoCoogs


Great work!

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Hopefully we could get 3 more O-Linemen! Not just any O-Linemen, but good solid ones!

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That’s definitely a position of need. 14 OLinemen on scholarship won’t cut it in big boy football.

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Great job!

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Colorado has two transfers looking for a new home.

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Are they any good?

Thanks Jimmy for that excellent writeup!

Not sure how long it’s been since we’ve actually had 85 on scholarship. That in and of itself is a victory. Also, the distribution of scholarships (a) on each side of the ball and (b) by position is excellent.
Now it’s a matter of (a) how many of those 85 are dudes and (b) how well can our staff coach them up to over-achieve and meet their personal goals for performance.

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Excellent work as usual Jimmy.

Did I read somewhere that Hypolite may be shifting to LB?

Don’t print the Game Day programs yet. I am hoping for some additions tomorrow and the May transfer period.

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Great work Jim !
Thank you !

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TE Trent McGaughey is a PWO.

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