UNT has problems


They could have given more information than that. Since college students are 18 and older, how can the relationship be improper?

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Sounds a lot like the Major Applewhite incident at ut .In that case there was a policy against consensual relationships between staff and students that was violated. And not all college students are at least 18, but agree vast majority are.

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No it happened while he was at a highschool. So VERY wrong.

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This allegedly happened while he was coaching at a high school. “According to Denton County Jail records, the offenses occurred in October and December of 2019, during Wallis’ tenure at Argyle.”


He also had issues at Baylor too.

Nothing criminal about violating that policy alone (assuming the student-victim is not a minor), but it could cost you your job.

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Lawbert, yep your right, I stand corrected. This is much more serious thing than the Major thing.

When I was in high school, my home room teacher who also taught algebra, openly dated a girl who was a senior. Nothing was said about it, except maybe some crude jokes by teenage boys. It was OK with her parents as well. I think they got married later, but am not sure.

Nah man. This happened at a high school he was coaching at last year and apparently the girl was 16. He’s in deep trouble.

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I mean idk. Someone fresh out of college dating an 18 year old isnt as weird but that was also before my time. People frown on it now.