UofH alottment for Tx State game?

Have we sold out our allotment?

On UHCOUGARS.COM the game is no longer listed among the other AWAY games where tickets are available. Sure would like to see UofH dominate their stadium with RED all around.

I don’t know first hand, but someone posted on a different thread that we had sold our allotment, but that we requested and received more. Apparently it’s not up on the site yet, so you might want to just call the ticket office if you want those tickets.

I called this morning and was able to buy some.

I just bought 4 using the chat function.

There is a lot of interest for this game. I bought 4 last week from ticket office. We still have availability…but I wouldn’t wait too long. Get 'em now.

Go Coogs!

Let’s make this a Cougar sell out and a record for TX State.

UHCougars.com now showing TEXAS STATE “Sold Out”

Yep. We are sold out for our allotment. I called the Texas State ticket office and they have their single game tickets available starting August 16. I will definitely be calling back then.

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So we sold out both allotments? Nice.

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