Update -2022 USNWR Rankings

Sorry hit reply too soon. Ours is 20%!

We still have a lot of students who need to work. They take longer to finish school. I have always been
proud of our service to those people instead of richer kids who do not have to work.

I think it’s the reason our guys make more after graduation then most colleges according to that ranking a few weeks back. Because we gain other skills during our college years.

Does USNews really report our 4 year graduation rate as 20%?? I’m not sure if they’re using extremely outdated info or if they’re calculating it some other way, because several places on the UH website have our 4-year grad rate at around 40% right now and the 6-year in the 60’s.


I agree and believe you are right. There is no way we have a 20% 4-year graduation rate.

This needs to be communicated to the UH Admin.

We should be in the top 10% (around 140), then aim for top 100.

They use a 10 year rolling average for graduation rates. They also use “perception” for 20% of the total. Both of these are trailing indicators. USNWR is good at telling where a school was, no so good for where a school is.

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This is good to know. I was reading the guide online and did not see the fine print.

My understanding is that UH has made increase the 4/5 year graduation rate a focus area. Hopefully that will bear fruition and show in our rankings.

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One thing we can control as alumni’s is alumni giving. It uses a 2 year rolling average. If the alums were giving and engaged, that also would increase UH’s score by 1-2 points which is good for about 23 spots on the rankings. We would be a solid 150ish in ranking if we just contribute to the university. The dollars don’t matter in the calculations, just the fact that alumni’s gave.


I hear you and it is why my wife and and I are UH Life Members.

Raise the transfer gpa to 3.0. Holy crap. :unamused:

I think it will happen gradually.

2022 out today



Tech at 213. UT-D at 136.

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