Update on expansion

Got an email about UH PAC meeting at Tillmans on October 20. Topics of discussion are efforts to get into big12 and update on law name fight.

Efforts does not sound like we are getting an invite this a Monday but what do I know?

That sounds like the same email I got back in June or so.

I think they didn’t change the topics to reflect current events. Probably not indicative of anything.

Since nothing has been announced putting anything else on it would violate the NDA.

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Law name fight? Are they finally upgrading the law school building (ie. a new building).

Not the bunker! Where will students go in case of a preemptive Russian strike?

J/K. That place was a dungeon.

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I think that is probably referencing South Texas College of Law changing its name to Houston College of Law.

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There is NOTHING new !!!

NDA has been surprisingly effective keeping everyone silent. The ‘insiders’ have been rehashing variations of the same old stuff for two months now, No one knows what will happen on Monday…no one

I was thinking the same thing. There must be some serious teeth to that NDA, such as automatic disqualification from consideration.

Staring contest, first one to blink…

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