Update on Flex Tickets

I initially brought this up to the ticket office, and then after no response emailed Pete Heim, the director and CC’d Yurachek. I just got a call on the status of flex tickets. Being in San Antonio, it makes better sense to buy the flex tickets, rather than season tickets. Only 8 out of 30 games last year were home games on a weekend.

Many who held flex tickets last year were considered season ticket holders and received a parking pass, etc. If you were a flex ticket holder, you received an email to renew your season tickets, but the renewal was for GA tickets to each individual home game, not the flex tickets of last year.

Mr Heim indicated that the flex tickets are being considered as a mini-plan this year. As of yet, they are still undecided whether they will offer them. They are waiting to see how season ticket sales go. Reasonable… My guess - AND THIS IS JUST A GUESS - is that because they are considering flex tickets a mini-plan, there will be no parking pass this year. Probably will have to purchase that separately.

Anyway, that is what I found out.

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Thanks for doing the legwork on this. I liked those flex tickets last year. Wish they were continuing them as full season tickets. We took a van full of my school kids with my ‘leftovers’ to the last home games and they had a blast.

Two years ago, they sold flex tickets that could be given directly to the ticket taker for admission. Easy. Simple. Good.

Last year, they sold flex tickets that couldn’t be given directly to the ticket takers. Instead, you had to stand in line at the ticket window to exchange the flex ticket for a “real” ticket. Giant pain in the ass. Bad.

This year, to solve that logistical hurdle, they’ve chosen to… stop selling flex tickets as a season-ticket package.


Yea and of course they only had one person working. I’m sure we could have found a volunteer to help out if we needed to. Of course if the numbers sold drop enough, they might wish they did the flex tickets.

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