Upgraded our tickets

We made the exciting decision to upgrade our tickets to Club level. It took a LOT of alcohol for my wife to say “yes, do it”. I am just surprised that there were seats available in the club level.


Only 104 was available. I assuming thats where you got it?

I can not believe there are any seats left in the Arena!!!


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what is cost for club seats?

$675 per seat, after a $10,000 Fertitta Center building commitment.


yall have big bucks lol

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I am truly jealous of you Chris! I don’t live in Houston so I don’t even get to go to a game . I hope you and jour family enjoy watching the game from the Club !
Go Coogs !

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Decided to take the plunge today and become a 2-sport season ticket holder. Got 2 tickets in sec 104 above the club. I will only be able to attend a few games here and there but hoping it’ll pay off in a few years. Go Coogs!


Well, hopefully, you give them to people will use them when you can not go. We can’t have empty seats!

Congrats on getting them.

I’m happy with my seats in section 119.

Thank you. It is a lifetime commitment for the family. The only way we could have done it is that they offer the commitment to paid out over 5 years. They had two floor seats but those are a commitment of $50K per seat.


The availability Cougar Pride sent to me was very very limited. There were two floor seats, and maybe like 4 separate seats side by side. I would say maybe 12-15 seats available, which a lot of those were single seats. I’m happy we at the opportunity to get them, and I was shocked they were even available. One selection was right in the middle on row 1, which would be behind the score table. I don’t think those would be very good seats. I didn’t want to sit behind the visitors bench either. We are in row 6 behind the home bench (there’s only 8 rows). It should be high enough to see over the players.

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Other than the $10k, that is a great value. That breaks down to less than $40 a game. If somebody is planning on having them for many years then its worth it for sure.

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What happens after the 5 years do you have to renew the 5 or is that a one time thing?

i think its a one time fee

Yes…it’s a one time thing…$10K per seat (which we got two) and then the regular cost of season tickets in which before we had 3 seats, but now we have two. The cost of the season tickets are higher, but going from 3 down to 2, it was only a $250 difference. I elected to $4K annually. I figure hopefully I can get a good return with the $4K in the market year over year than having to pay all at once or monthly. All I have to do is take $4K and double it. Perhaps I can go to the Golden Nugget. 20K on RED hahaha.


I believe you get free parking, sodas and popcorn with the club seats. So there’s that saving also. :slightly_smiling_face:


The only club i get…,



And honestly, you can pay the $10k over 5 years, so not completely awful.

I think the $10k commitment is for groups of 4 seats. At least…thats what I was told.

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