UPS reliable option for buying OU vs UH Tickets off StubHub?

I just graduated this last May 2016 and didn’t purchase my season ticket in time to get the OU game. Is buying tickets off stub hub a good idea/reliable if they are delivered via “UPS” instead of “instant download?”

Also, I will be in section 332 row 10 at TDECU… riding solo since all my other friends at UH are still students. Hopefully I will meet some cool people in the section. I am pumped for this season, go coogs!


This far out, you’ll probably be OK with UPS shipping them. If it was next week, I’d be a little concerned.

Congrats on getting a season ticket.

I have used the UPS option plenty of times with no issues.

Thanks for the input. Just ordered my tickets for the OU game and they should be here by Sep. 1st.

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