Upside? Will this do it?

I know Renu does not like embarrassnents. If he stays and Briles goes we are looking at a losing seasion next year, poor ticket sales and a cavernous empty home stadium.

2 years is all it took to kill all the progress Herman helped build.


Sadly this is most likely the case. We just have to accept it. We still have basketball to keep our brand afloat. Academics is improving every single yeae. Baseball should be decent as well.

A game like this really hurts our brand. I’m receiving texts about this game from non-UH people who I haven’t heard from in some time asking what happened to our team.


UH fans wont accept and will vote with their feet. 3 bowls, 3 embsrrassments.



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Everybody will forget about the bowl games as soon as next weekend.

By the time march madness comes around, this will all just be a bad memory.

We have no choice but to get over it and move on. We are all cougars for life, but don’t let college football define you as a person.

Ummm. OK. You feel hpw you want to feel and let others do the same.

They’ll remember when season ticket renewals come around


Will the administration’s accounting dept forget about it when they’re entering our revenues?


Herman didn’t “build” anything


People wont forget this. People still want Jenkins to be hired. Football memories are long.


If Herman didn’t build anything then Applewhite is a one-man demolition company.


OK. However we were an elite team and now we are an embarrassment in 2 years


If we fire CMA, and Briles leaves… you’re looking at a massive amount of decommits. We got lucky with the signing period being before this bowl game

I was firmly believing Applewhite wouldn’t get fired after 2 years (even said that in a post earlier today). But this might actually do it.

This is an embarrassment on a very public level. I have had multiple non coog friends text me about the game and how bad it is.

This is setting our program back on a very large scale.


Being P5 ready involves a lot more than just football. But after today, we are far from ready.

next years class is already signed. McMillian should too. Heck, who’s his competition and DT? Fleming and a kid who weighs 255.

Who do we bring in as HC if Opie gets canned? Orlando? Briles? Are there any other good candidates available?

Those are the top two

A 56 point beat down on national TV is not something you recover from easily. Plan on loads of empty seats come fall of 2019.