Urban Meyers?

A reasonable salary plus a couple of points in the Fertitta Organization.

Of course I am kidding (that would be too much to ask of Tillman).

I post this because some of the names in the other threads are ridiculous. Trying to make the point - don’t be ridiculous.


I know you’re being silly, but would that not rankle Lyin’ Tom to have Urbs in Houston? The drama would be delicious.

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I think Urban has health issues that will keep him off the sidelines.


Might as well call Jeff Fisher (not)…

The Chin!!! get him out of the booth.


I got out of the Navy when my ship was in the Boston ship yards, and I’ve seen the Patriots on TV. I think we may be able to get Bilichick.

You heard it here first.

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Gary Kubiak

I like the idea of Pelini. I think it was Cary that promotes the idea. I just don’t know if Renu could handle his discipline.

The one thing I know about Pelini is he approaches every practice, every film session, and every game like it’s his last day on earth.

I heard that he was in New Orleans when LSU was in the Sugar Bowl and got into a discussion about defenses with opposing fans. When the rest of the staff left for another bar he stayed behind and talked for an hour about different defenses. When he left he paid everyone’s bar bill and told them to meet him the next night for more football talk.

We brought in Kendal, so Pelini shouldn’t be a PR issue. I would even bring Pelini in as the HC now. I am a Nebraska grad (2nd degree after UH). Guy is an asshole, but he can coach.

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Yea, he makes Leach look like a 60’s beatnik in the discipline dept.

Its kind of a weird hire, but I’d be totally for it.

Bill snyder is available…

Here comes the silly season.

How about Jerry Glanville? Fans want an animated, outgoing coach. He could lead the team into the stadium after the Cougar walk dressed as Elvis. Or maybe we could hire John Jenkins, and he could splice together some soft-core porn for fans to watch on the Jumbotron before kickoff.

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