USA Today Bowl Projections - Rematch UH-SDSU in Hawaii

No thank you. Cotton please.

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If the UTSA game is cancelled and UH ends the season with a stellar record. Would the playoff committee and rankings look down on playing one less game?

Yes and ick.

If we do well enough to be considered by the playoff committee, we’ll be playing in the conference championship game.

Yes we will have one less datapoint as they call it, but do you want to be the committee that dings Houston because of a hurricane? I wouldn’t either. That would be a PR nightmare.

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If they can prove it. They’ll blame it on something else like SOS.

I am sure they will, but an undefeated or 1-loss AAC team is going to the NY6 over any G4 team. A 2-loss AAC champion, then there is some wiggle room.

Ahhhhhh, well that makes sense. What would you say our toughest game is (outside of USF and Memphis)? Navy and Tulsa scare the crap out of me!

At Tulsa, hands down. They have three legitimate NFL draft picks on their O-line and a running back, D’Angelo Brewer, to go with it. Tulsa had their best defense in three years and most of those key defensive playmakers return with the exception of one of their DTs. The get Memphis at home and Navy at home and us at home. This is our toughest challenge.

Watch them against a good OkSt team this tonight. They might lose, but you will see glimpses of what this team can and will be.

Their O-Line will help us prep for Memphis; we really gotta get some pressure on Ferguson. I’m glad we get Navy late at home. That’s going to be a physical game.

On ESPN, the line is OKST -18. I don’t think there’s any way OKST beats Tulsa by 18. I’m more afraid of Tulsa this year than I am USF.

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Based on what I have seen so far, it Tulsa only loses by 17 or less I will be shocked

I may have been wrong. Haha!

QB change already…

Ok, so I was clearly wrong. But on the bright side, not quite as scared of Tulsa anymore.

I can see how they can give us problems (or anyone) but it looks like their defense is susceptible to the long ball.

Also, what the heck is up with that mullet Gundy?? lol :smile: