USA/UK working on removing some tariffs

In exchange for the USA lifting its steel tariff, the UK will reduce its tariffs on things like Harleys and bourbon.

Trump’s stupid tariffs did NOT bring back Rust Belt industries. Trump’s tariffs are a failure. They show precisely why Trump is NOT…a TRUE conservative.

Let’s DITCH 'EM!!!


Do you have an anti Trump agenda or not?

Did steel prices start to go up when Trump took office ?
Yes or no ?

The thread “evolved” toward gas prices. We are not arguing about steel.

Did gas prices climb when biden took office? Yes or no it is a simple answer.
Do you want to call a friend or something?

biden could care less about the middle class and the lower class depending on their cars to go to work. You will answer that he does? Then roll back the constraints that he immediately put on the energy industry when he took office through executive orders.

Are you sure about that !
Check this threads title again please.
I’ll wait for your acknowledgment.

We are talking about steel here. See my title and initial post.

Of course they did when you have tariffs. I assume your chart doesn’t include the tariffs so obviously there was another reason too.

However, did the tariffs bring back the Rust Belt? I believe the original post in this thread stated they did not.

As for whether or not this is a “Trump hit piece,” OF COURSE it is!!!

It’s a string designed to highlight/illustrate Trump’s awesome SUCKITUDE, and the stupendous failures of his policies.

It is also designed to give us hope that we might CHANGE those policies (see my initial post), recover from the damage that Trump did, and get back on the right track.

Yes, you are right of course. I was just having a little fun with the guy that “punches back “.
Blame current admin for oil and refined product prices rising ; but not accepting same for
previous admin in the case of steel.

And yes these are all global commodity things at this point in world trade. While there may
be special instances in which tariffs are appropriately applied, in general , if you believe in markets,
supply and demand, tariffs just result in higher prices for end consumers.

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No one in our Media seems to be analyzing the effects of Tariffs on the price increases we have been seeing.

We have had Tariffs against Canada and China. Perhaps others.

Any studies out there?

It is pretty strange.