USF getting blown out

24-0 by NC State

Color me surprised…not

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This has been a great night for our conference. We are strong and stable from top to bottom!

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USF is going to bottom out. For more

Only one I care about is UCF vs BSU


Go Broncos. Beat that A###!!!


We want to get in an NY6 Bowl we want ucf to win this game

Once again. In light of a conference change being evaluated I do not want any conference mate elevating their program nationally or otherwise.

Note: with this pitiful schedule we’ll have to go undefeated to go to the NY6 bowl. And if we go undefeated we won’t need UCF’s help.

Snort ‘em up, Donks!!!


UCF is going to blow Boise out the Bounce House.

Gotta execute in the red zone

Pick 6 to the house

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May need to step back and re-evaluate.


You were sayin’… :grinning:

man I love CFB

Shocked UCF came back.

This is gonna sound like a downer but after staying up late tonight I don’t want to go the PAC. Maybe I’m getting old but there’s no way I can stay up this late every other week to watch football. Lol