USF player shoving a USF coach

Surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but for those who didn’t see the game on TV… when Lark caught his TD in the endzone on a bomb… the USF LB was visibly upset and a coach came over to talk to him on the sidelines and it resulted in the player forcibly shoving the coach. TVs later saw other coaches calming him down and offering him “support” (announcer’s words :-/ )…

Dunno but it seems to me if a kid ever does that he should immediately benched and sent to the locker room. But he wasn’t.

Not necessarily. You don’t know what the coach said or perhaps the LB was upset the defensive coach wasn’t making the adjustments necessary. He for sure shouldn’t push him but what’s the recourse for a coach when they get out of line with a kid (big Jimbo for example).

Maybe. But come on. Bad look all around. Certainly coaches are not always innocent. Still though. We’ll probably never know what was actually said.

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Kid offered a real apology instead of the typical non-apology apology. Wonder what discipline he’is facing.


It was a nice apology but I think he did display his true character at the game when he is upset and I also believe he is trying to improve it according to coach Strong’s teachings. That probably wasn’t the first time he pushed someone when he was upset.

We had a similar issue here when Dimel was coaching.

I can’t remember his name, but a DL got upset on the field; when a teammate tried to talk to him or calm him, the upset player shoved the teammate.

The player was called off the field by the coaches. As I recall, it was Coach Peveto who lit into the kid, and the kid tried to get to Peveto. The kid had to be held back.

The player was sent to the locker room. I’m not sure we ever saw him in another game.

And I have no problem with that response by the coaches.

A coach should not put his hands (in anger) on a kid, and it should go the other way, too.

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Wasn’t that Ryan Huffman? Either way, he was the player who was absolutely, positively not having alone time with Dimel’s sister.

If Dana Dimel was my coach I’d be mad at the world too.

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that sounds right–on both accounts

Young man should be sent packing. NEVER an excuse for shoving a coach but it’s allowed now for most part. What ive seen at HS smdh…seen kids tell coaches FU, numerous times, when coach comes down on kid, mommy and daddy run to district on how coaches are mean …blah…blah…they dint like my kid…etc…weak


Blue is the DB coach and one of the best


I would be angry if my undefeated streak was in the process of ending.

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