USF schedules 2 for 1 with Notre Dame

2 games in South Bend, 1 in Tampa.

We really need to do a 2 for one with ND. It would be a win , win bc of the publicity going back to that Cotton Bowl. I’ll email Pez.

Just emailed pez


Good for USF, why can’t the Coogs book something like this?

Because they’re bad we’re not. Easy


SMH at the people here who refuse to do a 2 for 1. I see no negatives.

  1. Chance to play and BEAT a big boy up to 3 times, a win in either season puts us in the conversation as a G5 playoff buster.
  2. Draws is the casual UH fair weather fan who WILL pay attention to the Coogs vs. a Big Name
  3. Give is loyal diehards a chance to make a historic trip to watch our Coogs play AT Notre Dame, Michigan, Alabama, Ohio State, etc.

Kuddos to USF for getting this done…bad for us for NOT.


UH will schedule little flower university.

Issue is that we lose revenue from home games and even though there is a chance to win one or both road games that’s much easier said than done.

All that said, there are a small number of programs I’d be willing to give 2 for 1’s as long as the home game is at TDECU and not NRG. Huge games can really make a season ticket package more appealing. Texas (I know I’ll get crap for that but Texas at TDECU would be huge and I’d make the roadies for sure), OU, Bama, LSU, ND, Ohio State, Michigan, Clemson, and USC. I’m not sure any of those schools would say yes, though. One of the appeals for ND doing something like this with USF is that the road game is at an NFL stadium that will almost be neutral.


If Notre Dame came here the game would be played at NRG. Same for teams like LSU, Bama, Agy, Texas, Ohio State etc


For sure

Three things to think about.

1.) As others have stated, we would probably have to play it at NRG.
2.) It is hard to win on the road. If you want to get to where you are at the level of the big boys you have to win those games.
3.) Your offset game unless you want to play a five home game schedule is going to be a SWAC or Southland quality home opponent that you can do one and done with or schedule where they play you at home.

So you can do two for ones but at the same time you cannot complain about playing SWAC or Southland schools in the home schedule. Now before someone shoots, I know we have been doing that already. Right now we can complain. Do two for ones, cannot complain.

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Yes…and season ticket holders would be stuck in the endzone…NO THANKS !!


We were pretty bad last year.

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I agree. Before we start scheduling the who’s who of college football, let’s get back to competing for the conference championship. Cincy, UCF, and Memphis are tough opponents.


Agree but I don’t think we have any worries lol



I hate when a school tries to set up a big game, then ruin it by giving up the home stadium for cash.


Exactly. First things first.

That Cotton Bowl was 41 years ago. At this point, it’s a footnote. Doubt it gets us any publicity at all.

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It would not be extremely difficult to place season ticket holders in comparable seats. With the low attendance we continue to exhibit, and the vast increase in the overall seating availability, it should be doable. Don’t know how it would affect the income to the event sponsor, like the OU game and W St game, or if we would even have a “sponsor” for the game, just a change in venue . . . . . but I’m assuming the venue “rent” would be expensive . . . . .

UH has taken the position that scheduling 2-for-1s with Power 5 opponents signals that UH is not Power 5 caliber. Hard to disagree with that position.