Yikes, I know they play in Raymond James, but there is no crowd at this ECU-USF game.

Marlon Mack is a load.

Crowd at kickoff

Ouch. Concussion alert

Yep, that was nasty.

This is the best QB ECU has on the roster??

ECU has a 3 star Dual Threat QB coming in. Don’t know how good he is, but has to better than this guy.

If ECU has this QB next year vs UH, it’s gonna get ugly quick.

EDIT: The QB and RB for USF are Juniors. Should be a good high scoring game next year.

ECU had 2 QBs transfer out after Ruffin McNeil got fired. Phillip Nelson is basically the starter by default. He used to be Minnesota’s QB a few years ago, but wasn’t very good and lost his job. Ended up at Rutgers, but was dismissed from the team. Walked on at ECU last year and is a 5th year senior.

Thanks. So he is just a fill on for the first year head coach. Next year they will have a young inexperienced QB coming in probably.

More than likely.

This game is not very good.

If we play USF in the Conference championship, we shouldnt have too many problems. USF relies on Mack a ton, but the strength of our D is stopping the run. Flowers has talent, but I’d rather make him beat us through the air.

Their D isn’t anything to right home about. FSU lit them up and I imagine the Coogs can to.

Did people evacuate because of the hurricane? I have no idea, just wondering.

If anything, people evacuated from the coast to Tampa.

We will make him beat us through the air. He throws a nice long ball, but his short and intermediate accuracy is not good. Can’t complete simple passes.

The USF defense is soft IMO. That d-line is small and FSU beat them up. Not sure if we can take advantage of that weakness though. Looking at this game and the FSU game, I think we win by 2 scores.

EDIT: I hope they bring that streak of 200 rushing yards into the CCG. A worthy challenge for the #1 rushing defense in the nation.

ECU making this a game. Down 8.

3rd string QB in for ECU in the 2nd half and looks good. ECU driving with about 8 to go.

TD for ECU; going for 2 to tie with about 6:30 left.

No good on the conversion. 24-22 with 6:58 left

Welp, Flowers hits a wide open guy for like a 70 yard TD. 9 point game now.

USF trying to run up the score late. Up 38-22 and passing deep.

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