UT $6 Billion Fundraiser

Don’t they have the PUF and a ridiculous endowment?

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Never enough!

Yes they have both of those, and why spend any of it when they’ll hit this goal.

Beto says he wants to go after the PUF fund. He’s the only one who said it. UT doesn’t need all that money nor a$m so Beto is right.

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Why have both of those then? Let the other schools who probably need it more use it.

Well I know who’s getting my vote.

Do you really think metabeto will go after the PUF?

This imposter is being paid by the great satan. They were his biggest donor in 2020:

Do you still think metabeto or betometa will go after the PUF?

Just amazing. And this isn’t for the UT System, but just for the exclusive use
of the UT-A campus I think. And they just wrapped up a similar large fund raising
event a few years ago and already have

$3.3 billion from more than 240,000 donors

Like us, it looks like fund raising is a continual thing. One campaign ends and another
one starts. At what point does donor fatigue set in ?

Donor fatigue only starts if the degree or the school stops making strides and stops being a top school. The perception is worth it to them and everything to the people that care.

If Beto is a politician that will genuinely attempt to revise the PUF, then he has my vote.

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UH should start seeing a uptick in people leaving a part of their estate to UH which will balloon our endowment.

This is just another result of becomimg a more traditional campus with a viable on campus village. The more connection one feels to their alma mater the more they want to build it up for future generations…its more about education…its about a legacy .

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I posted this yesterday I will post it again.

The great satan is his biggest donor.
Do you expect him to go after his biggest donor?

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What is his stance on casinos?

I am sorry but I do not understand the question.

Has Beto campaigned that he is willing to support casinos/gambling in Texas and has a plan on how to utilize the increased tax revenues?

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I have no idea but having the great satan as his biggest donor leads me to believe that he is not going to go against them. By definition politicians lie.

Well…the other candidate is an alum of Great Satan so I’m 100% sure he is also a big donor

Very true. Neither of them will go against them.

It’s still possible bc UT is very liberal so they almost have to support Beto. Politicians can lie or campaign on issues they either don’t do or get blocked like trump’s wall. However, at least he said he’d try and it takes guts to say it where no other candidates are touching it. We just won’t know until he gets elected if he wins. Obama said he’d do healthcare and he did Obamacare. Trump said he’d do the wall, healthcare and go after china on trade. He succeeded with China and did really try the wall but was blocked. He never got healthcare going bc his own party stopped any talk of it. Now Biden promised to shore up Obamacare funding which he did but so far I haven’t heard Biden doing his 55 and older Medicare buy in deal. So it’s a mixed bag of success or failure or even lies.

I just want Texas to turn Purple…far right OR far left is very dangerous for civilization.

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