UTRGV adding football

" According to a plan laid out by the UTRGV Intercollegiate Athletics Departments, a football program could have a $13.2 million economic impact on the valley. The Edinburg Chamber of Commerce says it has been following this possibility closely. "

Whos he?

UTRGV is joining the WAC.

How did I know that they would call themselves Vaqueros? Logical, I guess.

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They need to sell the land in Houston.


UTRGV is adding football? BFD


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Use to be known as Pan American University before the Texas legislature merged with Brownsville and changed the name. They had a good basketball team known as the Broncos.


Gary Patterson = “a 100 yard hail mary in a blizzard with the lights out” but the rest of the candidates seem realistic.

Because if you play college football in Texas you get an autobid to at least the aac.

Good place for Herman


I did a lab building at Pan-am for UTHSCSA when I practiced architecture (retired), all I can say is that their 2-a-days are going to be brutal. Maybe they will scrimmage under the one tree that exists on campus.


Should’ve stuck with the school name and mascot

Conference USA just extended them an invite


Maybe they’ll get a bubble like UT and Rice.

It used to be the Broncs…Pan American University Broncs, then University of Texas-Pan American Broncs…then the UTRGV change to Vaqueros…I wished they kept the Broncs name…I don’t like the UTRGV name either…UT-Edinburg but, hey, that’s just me. BTW, they do have a national championship and HOF Baseball coach Al Ogletree… Al Ogletree - Wikipedia

Lol, but C-USA is looking for one more school.