Valenti School Welcomes Fulbright Scholar Dr. Moniza Waheed

In her home country, Malaysia, she serves as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Communication, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). At UPM, Dr. Waheed teaches courses under the Human Communication specialization such as Political Communication, Persuasive Campaigns, and Intercultural Communication.

Dr. Waheed obtained her Ph.D. in Political Communication from the University of Amsterdam in 2013. She graduated from Western Illinois University with a M. A. in Communication in 2008 and from Universiti Putra Malaysia with a Bachelor in Communication in 2004.

At the Valenti School of Communication, Dr. Waheed will work with Dr. Lea Hellmueller on a comparative project entitled “Role Conceptions and Professional Practices of Journalists from Malaysia in Comparison to Journalistic Cultures around the Globe.” The project is part of the international project on Journalistic Role Performance around the Globe (JRP).