Various plays vs Memphis

Did we actually drop interception in end zone? Couldn’t see from my seat.
Was the taunting call correct looked like we were just jumping up and down.? One of the Memphis pass catches looked as if the receiver had one foot out of bounds when he caught the ball-isn’t that illegal touching? Play was not reviewed. I’ll never understand prevent defenses when the game is on the line- they very seldom work. Why would you put 3 guys in the endzone to prevent a 60 yard hail Mary pass at the end of the first half. -Memphis did what I expected throw a 20 yard pass and run to get in position to kick a FG before the half.

One pet pive that I have - we don’t ever seem to understand down and distance- 3rd and 3 or so- we line our defense backs up 10 yards from line of scrimmage and are hit with quick outs or slants for the 1st down. or in earlier game a TD.


Yes, the ball hit the ground as it was being cradled. The celebration wasn’t too crazy. He did get in the defender’s face a bit but they touched helmets and apparently that was the real impetus for the flag.

I thought the same on the play to end the half. “Why are the DB’s in the ENDZONE!? They just want a field goal!”

I joke that our coaches get their plays off of Madden, but that genuinely looked like it.

There is no 3 DB’s in the end zone prevent defense on Madden. Coach No D made that one up himself.


That was a strange call. Almost as if they made the call when the clock read 5 seconds and didn’t realize that the refs changed it back to 8.

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Taunting was no more than what Memphis was doing. After one of the touchdowns there lineman were taunting our student section.

The taunting call was a joke. Most of the Memphis sideline ran onto the field after the Postma fumble at the end. Was that ok? Also, it doesn’t make sense to me to call a penalty on a play that didn’t count. It’s not something you see very often, that’s for sure. Anyway, it wouldn’t have mattered the way the defense was performing. Total meltdown.

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The taunting call was a weak call. Probably the only one were I really thought the reds were in the bag. There were plays to be made for sure. For two years I always believed that we’d make that one play or two. Now I feel like I’m back in the with Levine and early Briles, where we need the one play to be made to stick the dagger in and it never comes.

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The taunting call wad horrible. Our guy was screaming in celebration an the Memphis player walked right up to him essentially. Really, really bad call.

The defense was atrocious still.

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After Memphis scored the winning TD, #72 was behind the goal post, taunting the student section. Much worse than what Davis did, no call. That said, I expect more from a captain.


On Winchester’s overturned interception do you guys think there is an argument that the ball touched the ground but was trapped against his body the whole time, then he turned onto his back and completed the catch? The announcers kept saying the ball touched the ground and it did but that’s not the end of the story. If there is an argument that he had control of the ball by trapping it you can’t overturn that, even if you don’t think that’s what happened. Has to be indisputable video evidence. I thought the call should have stood.

Here’s a link to the play:

The problem is that you can’t use the ground at all to help you make the catch. Winchester, while he was trying to trap the ball, allowed one a large portion of the ball to touch the ground which makes it incomplete. He didn’t have the ball secured at that point so it can’t be ruled a catch. If he doesn’t immediately use his other arm/hand to grab the ball after he roles over, there might be an argument. Here’s a screen shot:

After the fumble too, tv showed multiple Memphis players yelling and taunting fans. Sucks because then some fans start throwing things on the field and it makes us look bad. Hard to keep students from reacting to something like that. Also not great the tv caught two of our students flipping the bird either, lol. There is something in the Memphis program that always stays with them regardless of coaching staffs to not be sportsmanlike. Great clip also of coach yelling to Memphis player to take a dive and fake an injury. At least there is some fire in this match up.

I saw that. Maybe it doesn’t count if it isn’t directed at players.

This clip also shows our wonderful student’s flipping off the Memphis players. There mother’s must be proud. I would have taunted them too after taking the lead.

Patrick thanks for the explanation as always. D Coordinators new strategy when your guy is rolling around trying to make an interception everyone spread out and stand in front of all the cameras so they can’t overturn it.

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The taunting call is for taunting an opposing player, there is nothing in the rules about taunting the fans.