Vegas opens up UConn

24.5 for uconn game on Thursday

Lay the points. This is gonna be a good ol fashioned ass whippin!

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Dang, that’s more than I expected.

Nationwide audience, lots of pollsters and CFP committee members watching the game broadcast. Coogs will be looking to earn style points because either Louisville or Clemson will create an open spot in front of us in the next AP poll. Plus there’s the revenge factor from our defeat at the hands of UConn last season.


Was that before or after the LSU fiasco?

It’s a number that flows with the information of the market, and “LSU debacle” included (meaning the current, up to the minute line), it has ballooned up to -29 at some books, with -27.5 being the consensus.

I guess the sentiment in Vegas is that they are tired of taking what appears to be value, only to get pounded out. Cincy +7.5 was supposed to be a sweetheart deal, and we beat the spread against TXST by 30.

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Thanks. I totally get that odds makers move their “numbers” up and down according to events that affect the odds. I’ve been standing at the window and watched odds change in front of me. So my question still stands, although after this much time passing it is irrelevant.

Last I saw, they had Louisville-1.

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