Verlander gone

but I’m ok with it. That says a lot about our pitching rotation.

What a run by Justin Verlander in Houston:

61-19, 2.26 ERA, 0.83 WHIP in 102 starts
2 Cy Young Awards
1 Cy Young runner-up
300-strikeout season
3rd no-hitter
3,000th strikeout
2 World Series titles


Will miss him in a Stros jersey, but I agree, our lineup is great without him

I will definitely miss him as well.

However, like the OP, I’m ok with it given the remaining strength in our starting rotation.

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I’ll miss seeing his wife more


Miss Kate Upton… But good for him getting that number. That’s a crazy number and good for the Astros passing on it.

Well He got smart one way not to choke in the world series is not to appear in the world series.

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Never rest. Go get a Lefty

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2 years, $86 million… Stros made the right choice not to counter…


I think you have to include that 3rd year, since it’s a player option. $43MM/yr for 2 years with a full no-trade + a $35MM player option in the last year is pretty rich.



Mets gonna do Met things…

And it doesn’t get them any closer to the World Series than they were last year. At best, it keeps the status quo.

The Astros are able to spend money on upgrades. Feels good. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you JV & well done by your agents.

No trade and 3d year vested if JV pitches 140 innings in 2024. (per Jon Heyman)

JV will earn that $$$ just w the NYC Tabloid aggravation.

Time to rip up some Arb deals and get Tuck, Pena, and Valdez some extra years under contract.

Great player but ELEVEN years ? Trea is 30 in June.

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Not sure if fake, but Kate is a real one if she said this

Verlander still has Houston in his heart. Yankees are trash

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So be it.

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Thank you for your time Justin and thank you for not signing with the Dodgers or Yanks.


Bye. Next in line.

She said something similar in the WS post-game shows…referring to Phillies fans not booing their own players.

It would be awesome if Crane decided to grab Rodon. lol

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It is a parody account.