Very interesting presentation on Russian-Ukraine situation

Peter Zeihan: Russia Is At Point Of No Return This Will Happen Next With Russia If It Don’t Stop - YouTube

Interesting although they hit Poland, the world goes up in flames

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Even though Putin may have gone nuts, I don’t think he can get buy in for a nuclear attack. The Russian people — and generals — don’t want to be annihilated anymore than anyone else.

Shouldn’t this be in the Politics section?

I don’t think so. It’s not anymore political than the 879 post thread on the Russian generals in this section. I view the political section to be about national politics and elections and inter party dealings. I guess you could bring most anything into politics if you wanted — even conference expansion.

The Russian generals thread started before the political section was reinstated. But I see your argument.

Regardless whether you think it’s political or I think it’s world affairs, did you open the post and listen to the presentation? Whatever it is, it is compelling.

Zeihan has excellent YouTube shows.

Recommend them to all.