Very satisfying season

I honestly do not know how the rest of the season will play out. I could see us running the table in the regular season and the conf. tournament and going on a deep run in the NCAA Tournament. Or I could see us losing to UConn and being one and done in the NCAA Tournament and all points in between.

But no matter what happens, I have really enjoyed this season. I would put it in my top 5 sports seasons I have every enjoyed with the Coogs for any sport. The intensity in which these guys play is a joy to watch. The fact that we have a Program and not just a good team on campus again is very very satisfying.

My prediction is we will win out and take the conference regular season championship. I think our depth and intensity will give us a SIGNIFICANT advantage in the conference tournament and we will win that going away. I think Mills and Sasser are getting hot at the right time so that gets us to the second weekend of the tournament. We win the sweet 16 game and we are playing on Sunday for the chance to go to the final four. All the pundits will be talking up the greatest freshman backcourt combination in the country. We will be up by 12 in the second half in the elite 8 game and then we will blow the lead and lose. Come on I love all things Coog but that is just what we do.

We will start next season ranked in the top 10. Next year we win the national championship.


I think we will run the table all the way into the Tournament. I think we will win one game in the NCAA tournament then after that luck plays a role with no great team in the Tournament.

The announcers yesterday started to have a discussion late in the game about how we are ahead of schedule and that’s how I’ve felt for the majority of the season. Flashes of potential and what we can be. Growing pains. But overall, to take that next step as a Program and still be stout even during a “down year” bodes well for the future. A year like this one might be our new baseline and if that’s the case then we’re going to be a juggernaut very soon.

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I agree. Watching this team play so hard is pure joy regardless of a win or loss from here on out. There is no quit in this team. Sampson is building something special here. It’s not just one or two players, it’s the whole program… the buy-in of playing hard for 40 minutes. The number of offensive rebounds we had in the first half of yesterday’s game was insane, and it’s indicative of how these kids play for 40 minutes.


Yes to all of the above.

Just too bad the STUDENTS are not aware.

Sell their seats for $5 each !!!


I agree, we are basically in the tournament already unless we just implode and even then we might get in. It’s been a great year of growth. Number one growth for me has been Mills and Sasser defensively. Sasser could be Corey Davis Jr clone as soon as next year.


I have been so impressed with Sasser’s defense, he is very tenacious! I think Jamal Shead next year might be a clone as far as defense goes!

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Sasser, Mills and Hinton are going to be outstanding leaders for the incoming guards to model.
White, Gresham, Gorham, Roberts and Allley all return for Powell to learn our culture and how we handle our business

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We’re the best team in the conference when we play motivated and up to our potential.

There is a possibility we’ll finish the regular season and AAC tournament with a 27-7 record. IMO, at worst we’ll finish 26-8, possibly losing in the finals.

Depending on the NCAA seeding, we should be able to win two games, probably not much more given our lack of offense and finish 29-8 or 28-9, hopefully better.

If so, a season with 27 wins or better would be an excellent season with the prospects of a better record next season.

We could very easily lose in two days in Connecticut. Don’t count chickens before they hatch. Everyone keeps saying we will win all these games yet we’ve lost two away games in a row and three of our last four (we beat USF on the road)
Let’s got win a road game and break the streak. Let’s Beat UCONN!!

Edited for factual error. I had said we lost four road game sin a row.


Ben I think we beat UConn. Coach will preach that you have to win away from home in March.

I sure hope so. I’m just pointing out how everyone was saying there’s no way we lose to SMU or Memphis right before the games. Computers are saying this game against UCONN will be close.

Not quite. We’ve lost 2 in a row, 3 of our last 4, and 4 of our last 7.

We did smoke a good Wichita State team on the road. When dialed in we are good on the road as well.

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Yep, I goofed on that.

We probably lost @ Cincy due to Jarreau’s ejection from the game due to the biting incident.

The loss should have been a win.

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