Vets Not Displaced by Immigrants

A sign of how desperate some have become to create an anti
immigrant narrative, by lying to homeless men and refusing to even pay them to lie.
Another new low in the Age of Lying.


Fox News and the others ran with it for days.


Newsmax still running with it.

This is straight up “propaganda” like you read about when studying the rise of the 3rd Richt. Just make *hit up to ger people angry at another group of people.

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Fox news has learned nothing after the Dominon suit…it is only a matter of time until it happens again.

I judge people by their motivations.


That article from the Daily Beasts also alleges that this vet who was the source of the story is possibly lying about being awarded a Purple Heart.

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But RWM has already run with it.


Fox is at least admitting the error.

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