Video: HC Willie Fritz interview with BYU Sports


Great interview.

Couldn’t ask for a better coach to lead our young men in this new era of UH football.

Go Coogs!


I wonder if he will be on 365 today

The younger guy in their show is a bit haterish on UH but overall 365 is a fun show.

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“You can only go to one Homecoming” is a good line in the era of the portal.
Also encouraging he mentioned Donovan Smith immediately when asked what he likes about the team


The more I see and learn about Coach Fritz, the more I am convinced he is the right man for the job.
I imagine there were a lot of people who did not want to hire Fritz simply because he had no P5 experience. P5 experience is good, but it is not the only criteria. Interviewing allowed UH to get to know Fritz as a person, his philosophy and what type of program he intends to run. I believe we are on the right path for sustained success.

As we get closer to the season, my energy level is building…


that guy says “yeah” about every other word

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He seemed high on Donovan Smith. Said he had a high “football IQ.”


Donovan Smith has a lot to prove to me. He lost to Rice and the final play that sealed the defeat was an iterception


Every time I see him and hear him, the more I am convinced my saying we should hire him since Sumlin left. To answer the question about not having any P4 experience, I will remind you of Jim Tressel who went from a then Division 1AA (now FCS) school Youngstown State to Ohio State and did quite well.


I think Fritz knows how to judge a QB


I’ve been a WF fan since he was at Sam. Very disappointed when UH didn’t hire him to replace Scumlin.


I’ve been a longtime fan of HC Willie Fritz, I just remember that play that beat us on the goalline in overtime with Tulane saying “We should’ve hired this guy years ago”. I like that he’s high on Donovan Smith. Smith showed some flashes of great things, which DH was never going to get out of him, or get out of anybody.

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Yes he has a lot to prove but that rice game rests soley the feet of the person calling the plays and lack of competence with preparation LS for our defense. Btw the last play call was a stupid call when we had so many better options than a fade.


I had quite a few triple singles in my time, too.

I’m looking forward to our team being good at blocking and tackling.


This is revisionist. The one thing that DH did consistently, at every stop, was develop quarterbacks. Besides, what does it have to do with our team now? Time to move on.