Vindication… a year later haha

Just want to point out I made this comment late in the season last year, and was told I was wrong. Last night they said Dawson took over the play calling late last year

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They said he took over the play calling from game 10 on. So since Memphis game he has been calling plays. So technically at the time you said that it was still Dana. Which ironically our offense didn’t look all that great vs Memphis, Cincy, or Auburn, than you take in account last night…… idk if Dawson is the answer he has not had the best showings. I’d much rather have Dana calling the plays. But we will see how things go. Just please stop the 2nd and long runs I can’t take it


So last year first game we were up 21-7 at halftime and found a way to lose…this year first game we were down 21-7 at halftime and found a way to win. Better adjustments in the second half so far this year.


i think that has more to do with Tune getting his head on straight after the hammy then play calling

I still credit the booing of Holgorsen last year as the key turn around moment, lol


Wasn’t that serious lol

I couldn’t tell if he said game two or ten. Either way i was really surprised by it.


Huh? I didn’t say it was serious. Just stating the facts of when Dawson took over, per commentators reports, Dana was still calling plays when you said the offense looked more creative.