Virginia game sold out (Memphis next)


They should ALL be sold out good lord we are a final four team


Yup, with all CKS has been able to achieve and the fact that we are not sold out yet on season tickets tells us why Houston can never be a program. A program is defined by fans and not coaches. Coaches defined programs are short lived. I find it very funny that the fans want to win national championship but not provide the support to build the program to win that championship. Fans need to be the owners and not act like the renters.


They will be. I think this is the athletics department holding on to tickets and later releasing them for promos. I thought there was a waiting list for season tix, until I saw a tweet saying there were seats available and quickly grabbed two seats.


The Astros had a game this year where less than 12,000 people attended. This isn’t a UH problem, it’s a city problem.

Don’t worry, this will improve.


Heard on the local sports radio that game 1 of the ALCS isn’t even sold out as of this morning

Yup. None of the ALCS game in Houston are close to selling out. Ton of upper deck tickets are available earlier today. Pre-covid, Astros playoff tickets are usually sold out to season tickets holders before the general public can buy them.

C’mon now, anyone on this board who still wears a mask on their face - while in their car or even typing on here - would understand why UH games aren’t sold out. It sure wasn’t very crowded up in Indiana for any of our tourney games including our Final Four match-up with Baylor.

As I recall, I was continually threatened with expulsion for removing my mask to cheer on the Coogs - at Indiana U., at Butler U. and at Lucas Oil Stadium - even though I typically wasn’t within 10-15 feet of anyone other than my brother. And it was pretty slim pickin’s in the Dickie’s Arena in Fort Worth for the AAC tourney as well.


There’s less than a hundred season tickets left for sale out of the thousands in that allotment and you’re blaming arenas for doing social distancing and making policies last season as the reason we’re not sold out?? You ok?

Unless I’m reading it wrong, season tickets are sold out with only single game tickets left in 4 sections.

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Some you guys just live to be negative.

3 years ago we sold out a number of games
2 years ago we sold out every game
Last season would have been a sellout for the season
This season is already very close to selling out the season and we are on the brink of having a couple games sold out a few weeks before the season starts.

It is a time to be excited about how we have turned the corner.
One thing to watch is how our students respond and fill their allotment.


Btw There are 3 seats available on the map.


I think technically each game last year was sold out because it was only 25% capacity and every ticket was bought by season ticket holders. There wasn’t any tickets available to the public. Of course, that is a huge misconception to claim that. We do have a very weak out of conference home schedule unfortunately. I don’t see any other games besides Virginia being truly sold out. When we get to conference, I would expect to see a lot more games sold out esp. SMU, Memphis, Wichita, and others esp. if we are ranked in the top 5 which very well could happen. I’m super excited about this season. If we can win the Maui tourney, there isn’t anyone on paper that can stop us besides Memphis.

I have my season tickets*

It’s basically sold out bc no more season tics left just singles. It should be mostly full. In that area, if we have 5 or 6 k it’s rocking.

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Actually, that season was a sellout. I got the last two available seats in the arena as my season tickets. I had NO CHOICE, only two available. So, technically a sellout . . . . .

Because threatening a person who isn’t within a country mile of someone else is stupid.

What are you talking about, dude?

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It’s so amazing! I used to buy $5 GA tickets and have my pick of any seat almost in the Hoff. Now, we’re a big deal in town and it’s great!