Vivek can't make up his mind about Juneteenth

A couple months ago he celebrated the holiday.

It’s gotta suck running as a republican in the Trump era

You want to paint yourself as a reasonable non-trumpish non-maga type conservative, but you also have to balance that with the maga conservative blue collar crowd which is a large portion of the conservative voter base

He also thinks 9/11 was an inside job too.

It’s like they’re TRYING to drive away the black vote.

If he’s Trump’s VP pick, this will haunt them. MAGAts won’t care.

He’s coming across more and more as an opportunist the more I learn about him.

The math seems to check out. If there are more racist White voters to be gained than there are potential Black Republican voters to be lost, then it’s a solid strategy.

Still makes you a despicable person, but smart political move.

They already have all the racist white voters, outside of a few union holdouts from the old days who might vote Dem.

This is literally pushing away the black vote. Mind boggling.