Voice of Cougars Football Kevin Eschenfelder previews the OU/UH game, UH season on The Weekly Brew podcast

Friend of the show and Voice of Houston Cougar Football (radio) Kevin Eschenfelder joins The Weekly Brew podcast to talk a little Astros, but mostly UH football, as he and everyone in Coog Nation gears up for the UH/OU Advocare Kickoff.

Esch speaks to CTH’s effectiveness (“I’ve never seen a Tom Herman program be the lesser prepared team on the field… he’s changed the culture”), Greg Ward’s Heisman candidacy, and discusses the cool, new partnership ROOT SPORTS has forged with the Valenti School of Communication, meaning that UH students will be helping to produce the coaches shows with Tom Herman and Kelvin Sampson that Esch will be hosting this season.

Lots of great Coog content - give it a listen!

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ep.-58-rice-footballs-david/id1029786085?i=1000374663052&mt=2

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/astaton-1/ep-58-rice-footballs-david-bailiff-root-sports-kevin-eschenfelder-chrons-adam-coleman#t=32:39

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